Is there a way to tell KM to run a macro only once per day?


I've created a macro that runs when a particular app (Zoom) activates ... and now it runs every time that app activates. Ideally, I'd like the macro to run the first time the app activates on a given day. Would also work if the app only ran if the computer was on a different network -- but would have to include both wired and wireless -- than it had been previously.

I've tried to add a loop where the date compares to the last date the macro was running so it only runs once a day, but I must be doing something wrong - it runs every time I bring Zoom to the foreground. I'm attaching a screenshot of the macro - all suggestions welcomed!


Your condition is “The variable ‘LASTDATE’ does not match ‘DATE’”

That will test the value of the variable LASTDATE against the regular expression ‘DATE’, which will never match.

You should use a condition like “The variable ‘LASTDATE’ is not ‘%Variable%DATE%’”

That will compare the value of variable LASTDATE against the text from expanding the text tokens, which in this case will expand to the value of the variable DATE.

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worked like a charm! Thank you, Peter!