Is There a Way to Toggle Secondary Hot Keys on and Off?

I have a large number of Macros for a specific application with hot key triggers that make sense.

But sometimes I want to use these with only my left hand, while using my mouse with the right. For this I would like to temporarily activate secondary hot keys (covering the normal letters keys like Q, W, E, R, etc.).

I guess I could duplicate the whole group, change all hot keys and have that group only active when I activate it. But then I'd have to copy all changes to the macros over between the two groups (they change a lot).

Is there a more elegant way?

You could have three groups.

Hotkeys 1
Hotkeys 2

Each of the first two groups calls macros from the third as submacros, so you only need maintain one group of actual macros.


I use palettes for this sort of thing, so I always have a visual cue that I've got one-key hotkeys active.


I usually activate/deactivate these pallets with F1, and they're active until I manually deactivate them.


These are amazing tips, implemented them both. Thank you!