Is There Any Action That Can Run an URL Like This?

Is there any action that can run an url scheme such as (mindnode://open?name=Brain%20Storm%20Inbox.mindnode)? Many thanks!

The Open a URL action should work.

Many thanks

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Hey Simon,

You can quite often answer your own question by doing the following:

A) Use the Search Field in the Keyboard Maestro Editor Help menu.
      – Search for words of interest.

B) In the Keyboard Maestro Editor type A to Insert Action by Name.
      – Type Words you're looking for.

** Within a Text Field:
F -- Finds KM Functions
T -- Finds KM Text-Tokens

C) In the Keyboard Maestro Editor type K.
      – Use the Search Field and Categories.

D) Search the Keyboard Maestro Wiki.

E) Search the forum itself.
      – "url scheme"


@sthsm1986 and all:

Great tip from Chris @ccstone. I would add that once the list appears, you can click the "help" link to see the KM Wiki Help article for that item.



@peternlewis, I just noticed that when I do this the KM Editor app is hidden and the Wiki page is opened. Seems like a minor bug to me. Can you confirm?

Running Keyboard Maestro 8.2.4 on macOS 10.12.6.

Feature Request

Also, I'd like to make a feature request: OPT-Click, or OPT-RETURN, on an item in the window should also open the Wiki help page. This would make it consistent with using the OPT key with the menu items.


Yes, it is a bug. The Insert By Name sheet was set to hide on deactivate, and that took the editor window with it.

Fixed for the next version.


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Thank you for this considerate reminder!!

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Done for the next version.


Thanks, Peter.