Is There Any Keyboard Shortcut to Select Edit Column for the Selected Macro?

I'm trying to use Keyboard Maestro software itself being mostly reliant on the keyboard.

So I usually find myself scrolling through Groups column and Macros column. If I have to focus on any column, there is a default keyboard shortcut 'Select Groups column' and 'Select Macros column' in the view menu.

Now, when I have certain macro selected (while using keys up/down) while scrolling through Macros column, I need to start editing the macro. For that, I'll have to use mouse to select first action in the edit column.

Can we set up some kind of keyboard shortcut to move focus from macros column to edit column (selecting first or any of the actions in the edit column)?

Edit: I just realized, tab key works but it selects whole bunch of other elements before jumping on to the actual actions. I am looking for something that would at least select first action. So then I can jump to other actions using up/down keystrokes.

Well, we do have KM...

You could get fancier using AppleScript, but that's likely to be slower than the simple macro above.

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Hey @fluid_eye

Here a little reminder for you - the suggestion which @Nige_S provided will not work if you have a Macro selected that has a Hot-Key Trigger… maybe even if there is any other trigger or maybe more than one of them assigned to the selected Macro.

So there will be more work to get what you want.

I am not at any of my machines and my knowledge is not at that level to do this but maybe any other person could provide a better solution to work with a selected Macro that has triggers assigned to.

Greetings from Germany

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You are right.
I have tried what @Nige_S suggested. It won't work as number of elements needed to be surpassed with tab key differ widely.

As pointed out by @Nr.5-need_input, this solution is not practical.
And I don't know how to write apple script :neutral_face:

Do you ?

That's... interesting.

At first I thought I must have tested against a very specific subset of macros -- but this works every time for me, the tab key taking me from column to macro icon, macro icon to name, name to first action skipping over the tickbox and any/all triggers.

That's on Ventura 13.0.1, KM 10.2, pretty much default settings for Accessibility etc.

Here's a version using AppleScript -- I've left the original "Repeat 3 times..." in but disabled if anyone wants to try and reproduce my original results.

Go To First Action.kmmacros (2.8 KB)


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Here are some AppleScripts I use all the time – updated for KM 9.x & 10.x:

Automating the Keyboard Maestro Editor (pre-KM8) - #53 by ccstone

I use FastScripts to run these – primarily because it runs AppleScript faster than Keyboard Maestro.

Unfortunately FastScripts has gone up in price and is no longer one of the best utility deals available for the Mac. I've been using it since 2003 and won't give up on it though, because it offers me too many benefits.


Haha AppleScript works every time :smiley:


Oops I missed your response.

Thanks. I have already started using what @Nige_S shared. And it seems the script is working pretty fast.

I was wondering if you have any solution for jumping to the first action of a selected action group.

I group my actions a lot to declutter the workflow. Would be awesome if I could set up keyboard shortcut to jump to the first action inside the group.

If I could set up same keyboard shortcut as the one I used to jump to the first action of the macro then would be amazing. (I already have a shortcut created to expand the group)

Something like this? It will take you to the first action of a selected macro, or if a Group action is selected the first action in the Group:

Go To First Action v2.kmmacros (2.3 KB)

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Oh my god...

It works and it is exactly what I was looking for.

And I am even more happy as I would not be required to expand the group action, as this script automatically expands the group and focuses on the first action.

That is such a huge help. Thanks