Is there any way to change the KBM status menu icon (in the apple menu bar) to a more visible color like red or yellow?

There are a gazillion icons in my apple menu bar. The KBM icon is by far the one I use most often, and I would like it to stand out.
I don't care for anything special like animation or anything else AFTER I click on the icon. I am only interested in finding it quickly.
thank you

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I'm not aware of any coloured KM icons, but why not try moving your KM icon so that it's the first (or last... suit yourself!) icon in your menu bar? Hold COMMAND, then click-and-drag the icon to your desired position.

And if you want to tidy up your menu bar, check out the awesome app "Bartender".


There are some other options here:

You can make your own, but I’ve never really looked into the details.

+1 on the Bartender recommendation. One of those features that should be built-in to macOS.


I did not know how to move icons. Very good suggestion ! thanks very much !

@tjluoma @brijazz
thank you both for your comments.
I would like to avoid having to install another app

I moved the icon to the far left as suggested and it's already much better.

I had an idea which works for the moment: I simply click on specific coordinates on my screen. Does that make sense or do apple menu bar items change enough for coordinates to change ? If I install a new app with a new menu bar item, no problem, I will just change the coordinates

thanks again very much for your time and help

Do the clock change its width throughout the day?

I think you will find that trying to click on coordinates will not work often enough to make you feel like you have achieved anything.

Perhaps what would be useful is a keyboard shortcut to bring your mouse pointer to the middle of the menu-bar, and then you could manually move it to the right location.

I have found that location on the menu bar is not as consistent or persistent as one would like it to be.

If you really want to click on a location, I would recommend putting your “target” icon immediately to the left of the Notification Center icon, and target that, as that seems like it would be the location that would change the least.

I would not think so because all spaces are alloted, but I will check.

thank you for your reply.


thank you for your comment.

The first thing I did was move the icon is response to @brijazz 's suggestion. Great idea.

^^^^ @ronald


**Thank you for brightening up my Menu Bar! Exactly what I needed.


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Glad you liked it!

Thanks @hello really good. Now I can easily find the KM menu icon. :slight_smile:

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