Is there any way to create a KBM macro with a link to an Apple Note?

It’s easy with Evernote (option right click - copy classic note link), but I can’t find the equivalent for Apple Notes
thank you

I'd also love this, if anybody's watching. :slight_smile: I worked around it by:

  1. using a notes search (option-command-F)
  2. typing the name of the note
  3. waiting 2 seconds (it sometimes takes a while for the search to complete, at least for me)
  4. clicking in the main window area to select it
  5. Going back to the notes search and hitting escape (to go back to non-search mode)
  6. Clicking in the main window again
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thanks very much !

And actually, I've been having some trouble with this–seems like the timing of these find commands is very inconsistent, so sometimes it'll work but sometimes it won't. Instead, I've changed to using a "Move and click at the center of found image" action to find the note title, and then clicking into the body of the note. To do it, you need two versions of the action, one for when there's a white background (it's unselected) and one with a gray background (it's selected). Then you have to untick the "Abort Macro on failure" and "Notify on failure" options on both of those actions (because it'll only find one or the other).