Is there any way to mute the alert sounds that occur from using a typed string trigger?

I recently created some macros in KM to check up words in a specific dictionary not available in the native dicionary app. These macros are triggered by typed strings.

However, the sounds of the alerts can be quite distracting when the macros are used in a PDF reader because it does not accept the typed text. Is there any way to reduce or mute the volume of the alerts specifically in the PDF reader and not globally?

You should not use a Typed String trigger anywhere except in a text input context. Generally this means you should only use Typed String triggers for macros that will insert text.

If you want to use a macro when you are not sure you will be in a text input context, then you should use a different trigger (hot key, status menu, palette, USB Device Key trigger, whatever, but not a Typed String trigger).

Thanks. I may have to change the trigger.