Is There Anyone Who Has an External Magic Keyboard With TouchID?

I would like to know if the standard keys (all except the TouchID sensor) can be rebinded in Keyboard Maestro normally, like in a keyboard without a touchid? I have heard that it is not possible, but I do not want to believe it. Thanks.

Yes, I have an M1 MacBook Pro 14” with a keyboard with Touch ID and the keyboard works with Keyboard Maestro just like any other Mac keyboard.

is it an external keyboard?

No - mine is a MacBook so, the keyboard is built in. But it has a Touch ID key top right, just like in your pictures.

So, have you heard somewhere that external keyboards with Touch ID won't work with Keyboard Maestro? I would be amazed if that is the case. All my other external keyboards work with Keyboard Maestro.

But someone needs to chime in here who has an external Mac Keyboard Maestro with Touch ID. I suppose they come with the new iMacs?

I have an external Mac keyboard with Touch ID. What am I supposed to be testing? Whether KM hot keys work at all?

The original poster, @magikCT was asking that, yes.

They work.