Is there anyway I can run KM's macro from imacros?

Is there anyway I can run KM’s macro from imacros?


You need to use the Execute a Macro action.

See the wiki for information.

I want to run the KM’s Macro from IPSwitch’s iMacros:

The reason I want to trigger KM’s macros is becauseI PSwitch’s iMacros don’t support image recognition in Mac. So I need KM’s help to do image recognition related task.

Uh. I missed the i in imacros.

If iMacros supports running AppleScript, then you could use the AppleScript trigger on your macro.

See Wiki.

My guess is no… at least not with serious fiddling. I’ve never used it, but iMacros appears to be a browser automation and testing suite.

You might be able to do something with the Keyboard Maestro web server interface and automate triggering something there, but that’s getting pretty arcane.

Good luck!

Can KM’s macro be triggered with javascript in a browser? If yes then I can make it work since iMacros supports javascript execution.

You could have it open a kmtrigger URL like:


That should work. Probably use the UID of the macro instead of the name.

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Thanks peter will try that