Is this a bona-fide request?

I just received this private message from “system”. Can I trust it as I have made no changes to my contact details?

We’re sorry, but we’re having trouble reaching you via email. Our last few emails to you have all bounced back as undeliverable.

Can you make sure your email address is valid and working? You may also wish to add our email address to your address book / contact list to improve deliverability.

Hey Taj,

This means a number of emails sent to you recently from the forum have bounced for whatever reason. Web server down, email server down, Internet gateway down... Whatever.

I've had problems this year with my Gmail list address and can no longer get Keyboard Maestro Forum email there at all.

I'm fixing to move my domain and email to, so I can quit fighting with GoDaddy and Gmail altogether.

Take Care,

(Keyboard Maestro Moderator)

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Thanks for clearing that up, Chris (@ccstone). The email address it’s complaining about is a gmail one so if it continues I’ll consider swapping to another on a different domain.

Cheers, Taj

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