Is "This device key" trigger no longer available in KM 8.2.4?

I used the "this device key" trigger to map the built-in caps lock on my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) version 10.13.6 to escape if tapped (in addition, the System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier keys maps caps lock to control, so that if I hold caps lock it is control and if I press it quickly then it is escape). Earlier today this has stopped working. AFAICT there were no updates to keyboard maestro nor to the mac, but in trying to fix the problem I did update keyboard maestro. I do know what my previous version is, but now I can no longer see the "this device key" trigger as an option. Has this option been removed? Is there another way that I can accomplish what I'm trying to do?

The USB Device Key trigger can detect the capslock button (in most cases anyway).

Thanks for answering. If anyone's curious my root problem was accidentally turning on Secure Keyboard Entry on my terminal.

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