Issue Using Public Web Trigger

So at work, I keep my personal MacBook Pro on a stand next to my work iMac and a lot of times I will be watching Netflix or whatever on my personal Mac and then need to pause it suddenly, I know it's perfectly easy just to click the space bar on my personal Mac but I would like to be able to pause Netflix on my personal Mac via Keyboard Maestro on my iMac.

So I had this macro set up so that it was a public web trigger and was set so that if executed on personal Mac it would pause and if executed on work iMac do nothing.

But for the life of me I cannot get this to work the way I would like it. As I started debugging, I changed this to just show a notification when executed, and I saw that if I executed the public web trigger on the work iMac, the notification would only show on the work iMac, and the notification would only show on the personal MacBook Pro if the public web trigger was executed on the personal MacBook Pro.

The only thing I could think is that my work iMac is on a VPN and maybe that's interfering but I thought that public web triggers should work from anywhere.

At this point it's more of just a challenge to me to figure this out than very necessary, but if you have any thoughts I'd love to hear them.



The public web trigger works from anywhere that you can get to. It doesn’t give a easy access to any system. I is simply a web server that accepts any call to it. But, if it is on a VPN or behind a firewall, it’s up to you to find a way to that system. I talk about the difficulties in my two part tutorial on Tuts+: