Issue When I First Try to Run a Macro in Brave


I created the following macro:

Few times it happens, that when I try to use it in Brave, it doesn't work. In such a case the solution is, that I jump to Gmail in Chrome and I use the macro there as well. After this, it starts working in Brave as well.

Do you know by any chance why does this happen?


Most likely because of this:


Instead, use the %FrontBrowserURL% token.
This works with Safari, Chrome, and any Chrome-based browser like Brave Browser.


Thank you Michael, this is what I was missing! (This was kinda my gut feeling as well, that the ChromeURL variable was loaded by the right value in Chrome, this is why later it was working in Brave as well.)

FYI: If you hit the gear icon on the top right of the mouse click action you can restore the mouse original location without doing it manually :slight_smile:


Thank you Vincent for letting me know!