Issue With "Activate App" Action on Unite-Created Web Apps

Hi everyone,

I have shortcuts like this for several apps. I also use tools to wrap several web apps into "fake mac apps", in order to have access to them outside of my regular browser sessions. When I recently switched to a M1 mac I also moved to a new web-app generation tool: called Unite, which I highly recommend.

For Unite apps to work on my M1 app I have to run them in Rosetta mode. They run just fine... But Keyboard Maestro's action refuses to launch those apps — possibly for not recognizing them as "real apps"? If the app is already running, hide/unhiding works great. But "activate" will not launch it the first time around, which is quite annoying.

Any light, pls? Thanks!

Just so you know @orsini,just tried this on my Mac running Mojave 10.14.6 and KM 10.0.2 and it works with no problems. Perhaps something to do with Rosetta?

Hi Tiffle,

Yes, it's either related to the Unite-generated app or Rosetta. I'm on km 10.0.2 on Monterey (12.3).

Why do you think that when it works fine for me with a Unite-generated app?

Try using the Open a File Folder or Application action instead of the Activate a Specific Application action.

@ccstone , the Open a File Folder or Application action worked!

...which seems to indicate that the Activate App action simply isn't working as it should for Rosetta-mode apps.

I guess in the meantime I have to try some sort of if statement, I assume — if it isn't running yet, use Open a File Folder or Application, else Activate App.

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Don't paint with too broad a brush without testing... :sunglasses:

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I encountered the same issue.

Activate a Specific Application ignores the tick "Open using Rosetta".

I used AppleScript as workaround, but Open a File Folder or Application is easier.