Issue with Palettes and Hotkeys

I have a palette for an app I use where some actions in the palette are triggered with a hotkey like ⌃ + L.

For Example I have this macro :

But I also have a KM bound hotkey to the app (not in palette) for the same hotkey here :

Then if I call my palette and activate ⌃ + L, it will give me conflict. But I don't want that.

I want KM to prioritise what I put in the palette. So there should be no conflict. In my opinion. I just wish to assign a hotkey to a palette that won't conflict with my real app hotkey.

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Keyboard Maestro has no concept of priorities for active macros or trigger.

There are simply too many ways macros can become active or inactive to be able to sensibly define when a macro trigger should be sufficiently more pre-eminent that another that the Conflict Palette should not be used.

@peternlewis, I think @nikivi may mean that if a Palette is showing, then any hotkey pressed should be for macros on the palette rather than a non-palette macro, much like any single key pressed goes to the palette instead of the frontmost app window.

This doesn’t require any analysis of the user’s actions or priorities. It is a simple rule.

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Yeah, @JMichaelTX is correct.

I would think that a palette would take priority over hotkeys too since it already takes priority over keypresses.

That is one issue I have as I quite like having to set up ⌃ + … palette actions but the conflicts are super annoying.

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What if you open a palette, and then run a macro that explicitly activates another macro group, or explicitly enables a macro? What if the palette is always open, and you activate a macro group for one action?

In those cases, if one macro was going to take priority I would expect it not to be the one in the palette.

Hard to say. I don’t know, but I tend to think that those are edge cases. Perhaps the best approach would be to provide an option in the palette/group config.