Issue with Select Tab

I had made some macros using the "Select Tab" action on Chrome.
Everything was working like a charm.

But recently, this action seems not working anymore on all my macros...
Basically the "Select Tab" doesn't make any action.
Which means, if I have the following action:
Select Tab 1
Wait for 2 sec
then go to url or click..

It happens in the front window.. So there is no tab selection happening.

I tried to change the action from Select Tab on Chrome , so select tab on safari,
but i got the same issue...
Actually, I only have 1 tab open, and I've put "Select Tab 1".

I didnt make any special changes to my configuration.
I am running Version 9.0.4 of KM and Version 10.15.3 (19D76) of MacOS

It is good that you listed KM and OS version and that you described what you already tried to do, but to get a reply it is always helpful to post also

  • a screenshot of the macro,
  • the downloadable macro itself.

Otherwise people can only guess what is going wrong.

I tried the Select Safari Tab action (with no other actions around it) and it works fine here.

Same here. If the frontmost Safari window does have only one tab, then it does “nothing”. But isn’t this normal? Tab 1 is already selected, no?

If I add a Set Safari URL action, it works. (With or without a Select Tab action before.)

But, since you say it worked in the past, I guess this is not the whole story. Being able to test your real-world macro would be helpful.

Hi Tom
thanks for your reply

The action basically consists in :
opentin file, copying the content, then go back to the first safari tab and clic on a specific location : Keyboard%20Maestro%20Editor%20%E2%80%94%20Mise%20en%20ligne%20module-EE%20SAFARI%202020-02-18%2011-28-14

Now i just added the extra step of: bring to the front, and with this, the macro is working again.
But i dont understand why it was working before the bring to the front action ?

Any thoughts around this ?

Thanks !

I don't know why the macro wasn't working before adding the "Bring window to front" action, but I'm compelled to tell you that if you just want to paste the full contents of a text file, there's a much better way to do it. Basically, you can replace every step up to the "Bring window to front" action with a single "Read file" action:


Thank you very much @gglick for that insight !!

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