Issues with horizontal pixel values over 10,000

I'm having issues with some, but not all, macro components not working with horizontal pixel values over 10,000. (I have 3 4k monitors).

For instance the Pause works, but the If statement refuses to take any value over 9999. I am also having issues with moving windows to coordinates after 9999.

Have you looked into the SCREEN() function? Instead of working with the sum total of your monitors' pixels, you might have better luck working with SCREEN(1, Left) and so on.

The numeric fields for coordinates are limited to -9999 to 9999. There is no particularly good reason for this, but they are. Since I doubt I have any other users who actually have a screen width larger than 10,000 pixels, it probably wont be a high priority to change this.

That said, you can simply add “1*” to the start of the field to turn it in to a calculation and then write whatever you want, eg “1*10858”.