It is possible to EXPAND or Enlage the AppleScript Editor window?

I work many Time in the Applescript Editor Window in Keyboard Maestro.
It is possible to EXPAND or Enlage the AppleScript Editor window ?

No, ten lines is the max, and Keyboard Maestro has no further script editing facilities.

Either move the script to a file and edit it in Script Editor or whatever, or write a macro to edit the script in BBEdit or something else.

Hey Christian,

Don’t do that!  :sunglasses:

Use Apple’s Script (or Script Debugger) if at all possible.

When testing a script use a compiled script in the Finder, and set your macro to run it (instead of a text-script).

Using this approach you can switch to the Script, edit, compile, run-to-test, and debug from SE and then run your Keyboard Maestro macro for the final test(s).

That said you can make Keyboard Maestro’s edit panel a bit bigger if you insert a bunch of script text and then toggle View > (Start/Stop) Editing Macros.

On my system with Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4 I get about 22 lines.

I almost never edit anything in Keyboard Maestro’s Execute an AppleScript action panels.

I almost never use the text-script option in Execute an AppleScript actions either, because compiled scripts run distinctly faster from KM.

When I do use text-scripts it’s usually for something I’m building for someone else or for the forum.

In those cases where I must fool with text-scripts I copy to Script Debugger, where I have proper editing tools, search/replace, and massive debugging capabilities — do my work — and paste back into Keyboard Maestro.

But — I prefer to work with compiled-scripts, so I don’t have to wrestle with all that. All I have to do is save in Script Debugger and run from Keyboard Maestro.

If I didn’t have access to Script Debugger I’d probably use the Script, because of its event logging capabilities. But — Atom (which is free) has a decent AppleScript module, so I’d at least consider using it.