It would be nice if disabled actions stood out, ie were easier to identify

when the user is not that bright (like me), the list of actions gets long, with many disabled actions being kept in reserve for future use of modifications, it can get a bit tedious because disabled macros don’t stand out.
perhaps a stamp or read icon somewhere?
thanks very much

I have made it clearer that an action is disabled, changed from this:

to this:


do you mean intend to change or already implemented.

Hi Ronald,

I guess he’s speaking of the upcoming new version.

What I’m doing with actions that I want to keep for future use is gathering them into a group, disabling the group and collapsing it.

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hello Tom, nice so ‘speak’ to you again. Thank you for your very useful tip.
My macros are a mess including many disabled actions which I don’t want to delete because I had researched them.

Changed for the next version.

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