Items stuck in Clipboard History


When using the Clipboard History Switcher, I have a stuck item (PDF) there. I can clear every entry with -, but this one not.

Where is the history stored, so i can manually delete it, or is there another way?

The Clipboard History Switcher cannot delete the last item - so if there is only one item in the clipboard history, you can’t delete it. This is because other than immediately after boot, there is always something on the clipboard. You cannot delete the system clipboard (and indeed, if you manage to clear it, which should generally be impossible, you will get some strange behaviours happening).

So if you have one item left, and you want to delete it, simply copy something and then delete the first thing.

Other than that, the Clipboard History is stored in the Keyboard Maestro Clipboard History.plist in the Keyboard Maestro preferences folder (Help ➤ Open Preferences Folder). You generally should not modify any of those files while Keyboard Maestro or Keyboard Maestro Engine is running.

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