I've lost my saved time and use count

Hi, A couple of weeks ago I did a clean install of my new MacBook. After Drobbox was sync I installed Keyboard Maestro and connected Keyboard Maestro to my sync Macro file. Everything worked as expected exept for the use and saved time count which is a bit of a bummer. All the numbers were back to zero.

The right numbers are still living on my previous MacBook. Is there anything I can do to move those numbers to my new MacBook?

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Same issue for me: Upgraded to High Sierra with a clean install, and it would be nice to get the numbers back from my El Capitan backup. :slight_smile:

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Without delving in to the code (since this is undocumented anyway), I believe it is stored in the Keyboard Maestro Macro Stats.plist file in the Keyboard Maestro preferences folder.