Jabra Evolve Link button presses

I have a Jabra Evolve headset with a Jabra Evolve Link USB "puck." The Evolve Link has buttons for Volume +/-, Mute, Call, and a center activity light. I tried to connect buttons on this USB device to Keyboard Maestro USB device triggers, but haven't had success.

Is it possible to use buttons on the Jabra Evolve Link as triggers in Keyboard Maestro? I've tried, but when I am trying to bind a device key and pressing the buttons, no button is filled into the KM field. I just see "Try Again."

I suspect that it can't be done or the Jabra software doesn't allow it. (There is software that keeps the firmware of the device up to date. Used to be a kernel extension, but not anymore.)

For reference, in System Information, I see the device on my USB bus with this info:


  Product ID:	0x0306
  Vendor ID:	0x0b0e  (GN Netcom)
  Version:	4.01
  Serial Number:	0000C1C4433A0A
  Speed:	Up to 12 Mb/s
  Manufacturer:	GN Netcom A/S
  Location ID:	0x01220000 / 8
  Current Available (mA):	500
  Current Required (mA):	500
  Extra Operating Current (mA):	0

To confirm did you try using the USB Device trigger or USB Device key trigger?

USB device key trigger.