Job Calculator for Trados SDLPPX Packages

With the great help of @ComplexPoint, @ccstone and @mrpasini I managed to create a Job Calculator for Trados SDLPPX packages. Many thanks to you guys for your patience and great support :pray:t2:.

  • Place the Trados SDLPPX package to analyse on your Desktop.
  • Place the tab-delimited file with word rates per category (Word_Rates.txt) in your Documents folder.
  • Select the SDLPPX package and choose Trados Job Calculator from Keyboard Maestro’s Status Menu.
  • Select the appropriate word rates record and press Enter. (You can easily adapt the file Word_Rates.txt to your needs.)
  • In the displayed Trados Job Calculator tabel, adapt individual word rates where needed. After any modification, press Update to update the totals.
  • Press Save to copy the total amount to your clipboard.

Layout of the file Word_Rates.txt:

Select a record with word rates:

Press Enter and get this:

Adapt the rates where needed (and press Update). Press Save to copy the total amount.

Display - Macro - Image

Trados Job Calculator.kmmacros (46.7 KB) (685 Bytes)