Jump Desktop and Keyboard Maestro Interference


I am controlling a remote Mac computer through Jump Desktop. I am activating a simple macro which is to "move the mouse" from "current mouse location", but it's not firing. It appears to be that Jump Desktop may be interfering. What can I do to make this macro work?
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First, let's prove that it's not firing, rather than just not appearing to fire, by opening the KM debugger, turning on "Pause New Macros" and then try it again. This will show us if it's firing (and doing the wrong thing) or not firing. You will see the macro in the debugger window if it's firing.

There might be other approaches to troubleshoot, especially if other people have your app, but I don't have your app, so this is my best idea for the moment.

Thanks for the response.
When opening the debugger and trying again, it does show the macro. So this means it is firing, now why isn't it working properly? The mouse just stays in the same place.

I googled what Jump Desktop is. It's a virtual entry to a remote device.

Are you talking about the mouse location inside the Jump Desktop window, or the macOS mouse position? These may be different things. Keyboard Maestro can only impact the macOS mouse, not the mouse internal to the virtual desktop. now if the virtual desktop has a way of synchronizing its mouse with the macOS mouse, then maybe it should work. But I don't know if it does. I will search youtube to see how Jump Desktop works and get back to you with a probable answer.

I'm talking about the mouse location inside the Jump Desktop window which is a macOS computer as well. I am utilizing and accessing Keyboard Maestro inside the remote desktop and hoping it'll work there.

Thanks for the help!

Oh I see. That's interesting. I've never seen that before, and I'm not sure what it should do. But it might be working (just failing to SHOW the position on screen) and here's how to test. Add the following action after your mouse movement. If the box is drawn in the new location, then in fact the mouse IS moving but it's just not being shown. There's a perfectly good reason why that might be the case, but I'm not going to explain the reason before you find out what happens when you do this.


You might want to use a number higher than 50, so that it's easier to be sure it's definitely moving. But if you're comfortable with 50, that's fine.

P.S. I myself would not use any software on my computers that uses VNC (Jump Desktop does) because the last time I checked into it (ten years ago), VNC was a product from Russia, and I don't trust any software coming from any dictatorship that's hostile to the free world. But you can use it if you want. I'm not trying to dissuade you.

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So after adding the Highlight action, it does show a blue spiral circle of where it should go, but the actual mouse is still staying in place. How can I make the mouse visible to the final spot of movement?

Aha! So my suspicion was right. The mouse is moving. The problem seems to be that the Jump App doesn't have software that tells the "parent" session about the location of the mouse in the "child" session. (Do you know what I mean by those words?) Since KM is running only in the child session, it's physically impossible for KM to solve this, because the problem is the position of the mouse in the "parent" session, which is running only Jump's software. You have to contact the creators of Jump and tell them there's a deficiency in their software. In theory, they can solve this. But will they? I have no idea.

Another idea is for you to install a second copy of KM on your parent session computer and have the child KM communicate with the parent KM. This would require inter-computer communication, and this is possible, but I'm not an expert at it. But maybe we could find someone who is here. Do you want to install KM on the parent computer?

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Hi Erik

I do a lot of remote controlling with Remotix (Remotix 6 for Mac - Remotix) using KM. On Mac & Windows its working quite well.

Sometimes its important that Remotix is activated - u can try it with Jump Desktop

Hope this helps

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Maybe I overstated that. (That statement is only true for the action we are currently talking about.) It might be possible for KM to trick Jump into reporting the position of the mouse back to the parent computer. You could try things like clicking the mouse using KM actions (on the child computer), or clicking it, or finding some other action that jiggles Jump into passing the mouse position back to the parent. Just try a bunch of different KM actions related to the mouse. There's a 50% chance that some KM action will trick Jump into doing the right thing. But I can't test because I don't have Jump.