Jump to Amazon Search Field

Hi, folks. Anyone know a way to have a keystroke in KBM so that you can go straight to the Amazon search field?

I have one macro to open Amazon.co.uk, another that automatically makes .com convert to .co.uk (thanks) and this would complete my Amazon joy. Since I use Safari as my default browser, I have tried using the "Focus on Safari field" macro as part of the "Open Amazon" macro, but I have no idea how to tell it to open the Search bar field in Amazon.

Merry Christmas all

This worked fine for me:


Or you should also be able to use an Execute JavaScript in Front (or Safari) Browser, with this command:


Interestingly, it's called "twotabsearchtextbox", and from when the page finishes loading, it does take two tab presses (in Safari) to shift focus to that search text box. No relevance to your problem, but I thought it interesting.

Thanks so much. Actually, now that you've told me, hitting Tab twice isn't too much of a hardship! :wink: Never figured that out.