Jump to Favorite Folders in the Save Dialog Box

I've found this article recently > Save tons of time with this mind-blowing Mac folder shortcut

It's about shortcut for "Go To Folder" when Save Dialog Box opens.

The problem is you've to type whole path so I created the conflict palette for my favorite folders for saving files. It's super easy but maybe some of you will find it useful. :slight_smile:

Save Dialog Box - Downloads Macro

Save Dialog Box - Downloads.kmmacros (1.5 KB)


Very cool, I wasn’t aware of being able to hit the forward slash key to open that dialog box. That has me thinking now... :thinking: Thanks for sharing!


Saw this post and it's a great way to accomplish this - very cool.

I don't know if it's inappropriate/allowed to mention another app in this forum (and, if this is a no no, please accept my apology and delete it immediately. But, in case it's ok, there's another tool in my toolbox that accomplishes this (and many more similar tasks/preference that fall in the same category).

I do NOT work for, or have any connection to, the app's developer - it's just a piece of software that I've used for over 10 years and would be lost without.

It's called DefaultFolderX


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My favorite way of jumping to folders is dragging the folder right into the dialog box that pops up. I will either drag the folder from the path bar to jump to it in the dialog box or more frequently if I don't have the folder open I will search for it in Alfred and drag it from Alfred to the open dialog box to instantly jump to it and save the file, by far the fastest way.

In Alfred the fastest way to search for only folders is to create a file filter to search for only folders.

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This is very old hat on macOS and has been discussed on the forum more than a few times.

You can also hit the tilde key (~) in Open & Save dialogs to start Go-To in the user's $HOME folder.

Sometimes with the Go-To mechanism the Insert Text by Typing action works better than a sequence of Type a Keystroke and other actions.

It's fine.

I've used Default Folder since the 90's, and it's one of my essential utilities. There is quite a lot of discussion about using and automating it on the forum.

Drag and Drop from the Finder works well.

I use LaunchBar instead of Alfred for this purpose sometimes.

You can also drag and drop from Spotlight.

You can also create a folder full of aliases to favorite locations and use a macro to get there with a keystroke – then type-select your favorite.