Just bought the licence, Money taken no license in return

Just bought the licence, money taken from account but no license recieved.
very annoying since i am sitting and working, but now i cant continue since i dont have any working program.
how can i resolve this fast??

best regards

When I purchased KM the confirmation email said to contact via https://contact.stairways.com/ in the event if any problems or email support@stairways.com . I suggest you do that as this is a community-driven forum which can’t help with licensing issues.

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thank you so much for fast answer:)

This is most likely some type of technical glitch.
Have you checked your spam or junk email folders?

IAC @tiffle has given you the proper KM contact info.
I'm sure that @peternlewis will resolve your issue ASAP.

Yes, nothing anywhere, when i paid it said if was not enough funds on the account.
However it was since my bank statement is showing a minus and aswell my paypal:)

Sounds like there was a problem with the payment transaction.
Since there is nothing we can do here, please direct all of your communications to support@stairways.com.

IAC, KM comes with a free 30-day trial. So you should be able to use KM while you get this resolved.

yes, i emailed them:)

haha, yes, however i already used the trial;)))

so thats why it became kind of urgent to buy it.

well lets hope for a answer soon:)

Peter replied super fast:)

Its seems like there was some issue with the payment system on my side.

it will solve out fast, very impressed over the swift response.