Just want to say thanks for Keyboard Maestro

I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to Peter and anybody else who may be involved in developing KM or answering questions here.

(Scroll down for the TL:DR if you don't want to read my wall of text haha)

You guys rock! I started a new job last summer, telephonic interpreting. If anybody knows anything about interpreting, it is fast paced and can be stressful, especially if there are any terms used you're unfamiliar with.

As a result, I was initially struggling with several aspects of my job such as being able to take good notes rapidly, look up terms I was unfamiliar with (90% of my interpreting is legal, medical and law enforcement, so it's not lingo a person uses everyday), keeping track of my calls; too many aspects to list here.

I asked my brother (who is a programmer/developer and works almost exclusively with Mac) about a way to do simple things like clicking the "answer call button" on my work's voice portal webpage. He recommended Keyboard Maestro.

After downloading it, I IMMEDIATELY knew this was a game changer! I think I ended up purchasing it that same day or next day. That was last June. I now have 444 macros that I use and they have saved me 56 days of time!

My most used one is the one to answer my calls, since they come through my interpreter voice portal website. I have to click to answer there first, and then it will ring my actual phone. When it rings, I hit F5 and it immediately switches to that page, answers the phone, pauses any media, starts a call timer, and opens up all my work apps and windows. When I'm done I hit F6 and it clears all my notes, updates my call log with the info from that particular call (time, duration, caller etc.), hangs up the call, minimizes all my work windows, unminimizes my personal windows and resumes my media.

My second most used one is a simple copy and set clipboard to variable, then search an interpreter site for the correct term in the target language.

Without Keyboard Maestro work would be a lot more time consuming and frsutrating. So for all of you who either work directly with Keyboard Maestro or give awesome answers to what often times are my newbie questions (I'm looking at you @ccstone) thanks a million for having a great app and a great community!

TL:DR, thanks a ton to @peternlewis, @ccstone and everybody else who have made this app and helped me to get the most out of it.


Hey Chris,

You said it – automation on the Mac is a GAME CHANGER!

And Keyboard Maestro has been the best-of-breed automation utility on the Mac for a long time now.

I am continually flummoxed by how few Mac-users understand this, and I'm always delighted when people such as yourself have that lightbulb moment.  :sunglasses:

Take Care,


I can only agree with that and add: "the Oscar for the best app ever goes like every year...  Keyboard Maestro :clap::clap::clap:"



Yeah, I'd like to add my thanks to Peter, and to all the other users (and there are many) who have helped me out since I left QuicKeys for KM. You all rawk, especially Peter.

This is, quite simply, life-changing technology.


Well said!

Seniors within this community are just awesome. The knowledge of gurus shared with insight and patience is much appreciated.