JXA: How to select a popup menu item (Solution)

NOTE: If you don't already know JXA, and/or don't know how to find the paths to UI elements, you can ignore this post. There's other topics on the subject on this forum, and a number of web articles available if you do a Google search.

Let's say you have a popup button like this:


When you click it, you get this menu:


And let's assume you know JXA, and have managed to obtain the path to the button, which would look something like this:

var myButton = _win.splitterGroups[0].splitterGroups[0].groups[0].popUpButtons[0];

You probably know you can get the value like this:

// Only Once

But did you know you can easily set the value? You can, like this:

myButton.menus[0].menuItems.byName("Once Every Second").click();

You're welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, Dan. Knew how to do that with AppleScript, but not JXA (at least not off the top of my head).

BTW, at least in AppleScript, you sometimes need to add a delay(n) after the first myButton.click(), particularly if it is a dynamic menu that is NOT created until the click. Usually a delay between 0.5 and 1.0 seconds will work.

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Thanks, Jim. I was surprised I didn't need to add a delay, but it's good to know that I might need to in the future.

I'm doing all this for a stupid control panerl that sets up all the soft keys and jog wheel stuff for my Contour Shuttle Pro V2, so I can save and restore settings.

There's different settings for each app I use it with, and if I upgrade an app, the stupid software won't bring across the settings, and worse, it won't let me see the old settings, even though it still knows about them! (If I restore the old app, the settings are still there.)

You can export and import, but only for the same version of the app. And the export file is binary, so I don't know how to change it.

So, I'm manually scraping something like a hundred settings for one app (that's probably exaggerated, but not by much), saving it as JSON, then applying the settings for the updated app by automating the UI. Joy. :roll_eyes: