[karabiner Bug] Send Keypress sometimes leaves modifiers pressed?

Occasionally (I'm using this as application bridge from a USB device), after the macro is finished, the disabled action will leave me with the state of Shift being pressed. The enabled action, which does the same, works.

(On German keyboard, Shift+< sends >)

Directly following with a key action that releases the modifier didn't fix it for me, sending the result via System Events circumvents the issue.

EDIT: I've traced back the cause to karabiner, which I am using to remap my shift key. Without it being active, it's not happening. See here or here

Thank you!

Keyboard Maestro will simulate the keystroke by pressing the shift key (if it is not already pressed), releasing the < key (if it is already pressed), pressing the < key, releasing the < key, releasing the shift key (if it was not already pressed before the action took place).

Regardless, Keyboard Maestro releases all keys it pressed when the macro ends.

I have no reports of anything like the shift key being held down, so I would guess that there is something else going on, some sort of other interaction with your hardware or other software, since it seems to be specific to your Mac.

Hello there,
that's very good to know, thank you. It also happens when I use KM to send CMD+D to deselect.
Do you happen to know if there are known side effects with karabiner? It's the only thing I can think of from the top of my head.

I have experienced issues with Karabiner before. Though I recently did reinstall Karabiner Elements to get the Hyper Key back and I have not experienced the issue with that.

I will check that, thank you very much. :slight_smile: