Karabiner - Request for comment

What workflows are you using Karabiner for and why?

Turning the useless Caps Lock key into a Hyper Key (Command,Control,Option,Shift) which allows a single modifier key (Caps Lock) to give a whole new set of hot keys that are unlikely to conflict with anything since they are too hard to type normally.

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Have you found a way to do this in Sierra?


I wonder if I could still use my caps lock ‘double-tap’ for the Keyboard Maestro macro I currently have it assigned to?

Mr. Terpstra came to the rescue.

A better Hyper key hack for Sierra - BrettTerpstra.com

No. I am just holding down all the modifiers like a dinosaur.

You can as described here use Karabiner Elements to configure the caps lock key to be F18 and then use that to either trigger a bunch of macros and let the Conflict Palette figure it out, or alternatively, use that to activate a macro group for one action and put your macros in there.

So you can sort of fake it.

I’m waiting semi-patiently for a full solution from pqrs to get the Hyper Key back.

Thanks for the response. I think I am going to do the same thing, wait for Karabiner Elements to be ready. Introducing Hammerspoon to the mix seemed to be more fiddly than it was worth.

I downloaded and installed Karabiner. After reviewing the instructions for the Caps Lock key I am stuck. I installed Seil. At this point I am confused how to rewire the Cap Lock Key. I thought it would just be a switch I could flip.