Karabiner's Space+JKLI navigation


Is there a way to do the following with Keyboard Maestro ?

I press and hold Space and then I press L then the cursor goes to the right.
However if I only press space (without pressing L) then a space gets typed.

Pretty much no. The only way to swallow the space would be with a hot key, and then it would be swallowed regardless. The only way then to get the space out would be to disable the macro and simulate the space, and that would result in the space character being out of order in the keyboard event queue.

Many thanks Peter for the info. OMG... this is bad news. Well, anyway, if someone has some idea how to hack the Space+JKLI navigation into Keyboard Maestro, then please let me know.

Maybe somehow with variables ? Or some clever programming ? Conditional actions + variables ?

Something like this :

Doesn’t Karabiner do this? Not with space afaik, but it does with something like Fn https://gist.github.com/exdis/11d86e7749962e14b866e376e37616b4

@mdbraber Karabiner no longer support in macOS Sierra. Many people is trying to port some of it’s function with KM or Hammerspoon.

check out “Hammerspoon” It’s free and might be able to do what you want.
This is reddit thread should lead you the right direction

or this thread from Karabiner-Element

check out @cicloid’s reply