KBM and Apple Screen Sharing not behaving with modifiers

So I'm new to Keyboard Maestro, so of course I try something complicated out the door.
I set up screen sharing locally between my M1 Air running Monterey and 09 Mac Pro running Mojave. It works pretty great for what I do via ethernet etc, but it always defaults to the wrong screen resolution, 1280 vs 1920, so a square. I've gotten KBM to open Screen Sharing send it to the top monitor and adjust it center of screen, but I cannot get it to Option Click on the appropriate button in System preferences. (You have to Option click "Scaled" to get all the resolutions)

I've tried multiple ways, the default mouse position, click, modifier setting in "Move or Click Mouse" setting up the modifier to hold then release afterwards, activating and or selecting the System Preferences Displays window before attempting this and pausing between everything. It also doesn't work with Command, or in other Applications in the Screen Sharing window, modifier clicks are not being sent to that window. It works locally, I can get proper option etc. modifier behavior on the MacBook Air here, with no problems, but not in the Screen Sharing window. (Option click does work manually with a mouse though)

Any tricks to this or is this an OS or KBM bug?

It's an app thing -- search the forum and you'll see plenty about this problem with respect to Screen Sharing, Apple Remote Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop, various VM apps... Looks to be to do with how, or even if, the application (ie Screen Sharing) passes simulated rather than actual hardware events.

I assume you're running the Mac Pro headless, hence the problem. Simplest solution is to install KM on that as well and have a macro that changes the resolution for you. You could also get a "dummy plug" that simulates a display and so forces a resolution, install a command line utility like displayplacer, run an after-login AppleScript that uses System Events to set it via the UI... You'll probably find more methods if you google "headless mac set resolution".

Thanks for the reply, I suspected it was a communication problem with KBM not being recognized as a physical device and Screen Sharing blocking it. Testing it with local applications most things work with the rare exceptions, a Spacebar + Shift command to call up a shortcut search function in the DAW Digital Performer will not work either, but it's not a real issue because it's also a Menu item and can be recalled that way.