KBM interferes with Many Tricks Witch

I’d like to use Many Tricks Witch as an app switcher, so I’ve deleted all default macro from the apps switcher group and even deleted the group. I’ve restarted KBM but still when I press Alt+TAB (the hotkey assigned to Witch), I get interference from KBM. When I quit KBM, there’s no interference.

How can I solve this?

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Disable or delete the macro.

Launch Keyboard Maestro editor, select the All Macros group, select View ➤ Sort by Macro Execution.

Press the key so that Keyboard Maestro’s switcher appears.

The macro in question will sort to the top.

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Thanks. I think it’s the fact that I allowed the CafeTran macros to run in all apps. Now that I’ve excluded Finder, Safari and Mail things are looking much better. BTW: CafeTran does show up in Witch, but I understand that you don’t want to install Java, which is fine for me.

The solution that I’ve chosen now, to let Keyboard Maestro type the manipulate strings back into CafeTran, has shown its first disadvantage: Typinator macros can be triggered and pause macro execution.

Life’s full of pleasant surprises ;).