Keeping an app windows always on top

I'm looking for a way to make a (any) application window "floating" (always on top). I want to assign a shortcut to turn on/off this behavior for a specific window. I have done some research and it seems there used to be an app called "Afloat" that has been discontinued and doesn't work anymore on later macOS version. Would this somehow be possible with KM?

It's an interesting question. KM does have the ability to activate apps and put them up front. Of course, only one app can ever be "on top of everything else."

It's not clear whether you would be satisfied with a solution that always put an app on top in the event that it ever, for some reason, wasn't on top. Or do you need macOS to actually prevent an app from not being on top? Would it bother if if some other app got in front for 1 millisecond, before being replaced by the app you want back in front?

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I see many mac utilities in the past that that help app to be "Always On Top" but they always break with new OS release. So my thought it is best for Mac OS to provide this type of API officially by which perhaps KM can then leverage.

Of course, KM can help by intercepting app that lost focus and make them activate again but this type of hack may cause more issue than it solve.

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Hey Roel,


Keyboard Maestro uses only public APIs, and Apple doesn't provide one for this.

As @macdevign_mac says – utilities come and go, but they always break eventually.

I'm not presently aware of anything that does the job, although I don't keep track of Mac apps and utilities as closely as I used to.


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