Keeping Maestro Clean

So I am coming in to a company with almost 500 macros. I know a lot of these are not used anymore. I also know you can sort by last used macro.

Is there anyway to pull raw data over weeks of use between 4 workstations to tell me which macros are actually being used? I'd like to kill off or archive any macros that have 0 runs over a long time period.

Macro Reporter Macro displays usage for every macro in any group.

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Thanks, interesting will have to try it out. I did find an interesting way of doing this by setting an incremental value on every macro. So every time a Macro is ran it updates a variable by 1. Seems like a lot of work to ad almost 500 variables and add the script to each macro.

Then via a web service like google sheets you can report the values for analysis after a few weeks running.

The data is already being logged by KM. My macro just retrieves what KM counts.