Key combination with keyboard and mouse wheel


I am a Pro Tools user. What I want to do with Keyboard Maestro are assigning keyboard modifier with mouse click/scrolling to trigger shortcuts inside Pro Tools. Currently I worked with Better Touch Tool, which is find with mouse click. While it seems can’t assign to mouse forward/backward.

Just wondering, can I do this with Keyboard Maestro??

Here are some example:

Control+Up Arrow/Down Arrow will increase/decrease track height.

Command+ +/-(num) will trim right edge of clip to right/left by nudge value.

what I want to do are assigning them as the following:
Control+ Up/Down to Control+scrolling forward/backward;
Command+ +/- to command+scrolling forward/backward

are they possible and how??


You can use a USB Device Key trigger to trigger on (but not swallow) mouse clicks.

You cannot trigger on scroll wheel movement.

You can trigger on Control-Up Arrow, and you can generate Control scroll wheel events.

You cannot trigger on Control (or otherwise) scroll wheel events.

You can generate Control-Up Arrow events.

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I like this for its accuracy, not what it means sadly lol