Key ReMap - Help!

Hi Everybody… I am having a really hard time trying to figure out how to do something simple.

I want my R-Command key and my R-Option key to ‘forward delete’ one character at a time. I have this working well. :slight_smile:

BUT I want to use the LEFT modifier keys (any of… L-Command, L-Option, L-Ctrl, or L-fn) to modify my R-Command and R-Option keys so that when used in conjunction with any one of the Left modifier keys I get forward delete one word at a time (instead of one character at a time).

Can anybody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me figure out how to do this!!! (I do a lot of editing in MS Word 2016 on Mac and this would speed me up greatly).

Many thanks

Just a follow up to say that I was using Karabiner to remap the R-Command and R-Option before. And therefore, with the help of KM could get everything working. But now that Karabiner no longer works, I cannot figure out how to do this with KM alone. Can anybody help? I am really stuck… Many thanks

Keyboard Maestro is not a low-level key remapping tool. It cannot perform the same task that Karabiner does (not in general anyway) because Keyboard Maestro operates at a much higher level.

You will need to use Karabiner Elements or wait on that to be extended to a more complete product.

Many thanks again Peter! Karabiner-Elements was just released yesterday with more features and these fixed my issue!