Key Shortcut Command–Tab Highjacked by Keyboard Maestro - Newbie

Keyboard Maestro (KM) Newbie here.
I have edited this post Command+Tab is the issue NOT Command+Space
I have enrolled in MacSparky's Field Guide.
Before I installed KM I constantly used macOS keyboard shortcut "Command+Tab" as an app switcher. KM now gets in the way with a dialogue box.
Can someone help me to restore "Command+Tab" as simple, fast app switcher.

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Hey Jeff,

Space is typically the keyboard shortcut for Spotlight.

I'm not aware of any built-in macros for Keyboard Maestro that use that keyboard shortcut, but it's been a long time since I've seen the default set.

Activate the keyboard shortcut.

Then go to View > Select Macro > Last Used in the Editor – if Keyboard Maestro is the cause that should be the culprit.

I always recommend to newbies that they turn OFF all the default macros and then go back and look through them to see what's useful. Otherwise you get surprises like this.


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Sorry, Command+Tab is the macOS shortcut to App Switching that is causing my problem.

Untitled Macro 1 was the problem. I deleted it & problem solved

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