Keybinding trigger advice needed, conditional commands based on key combinations

Hi all

i need keybinding trigger advice from the great keyboard maestro wizards :slight_smile:

i have a pallet i launch in finder to quick jump into folders


now inside the pallet i have several macros that quickjump to folders similar to vim marks:

im want to have the macro launch a command when only z is pressed (open in the same) but if i press Shift-z i want it to run a different command (open in new tab).

i thought the above example should work but had no success

is the above syntax correct? Are there perhaps better more efficient ways to approach this?

any tips would be great, appreciate the help in advance!



I'd try adding two hotkey triggers to the macro, one with the modifier and one without, and determining which action the macro performs based on the trigger value instead:

Example Macro.kmmacros (2.8 KB)

Thx @gglick!

much appreciated. It seems the right way to go but im having issues getting the Shit-Z part to work. Am i supposed to create a TriggerValue variable? there dosent seem be one created in the keyboard maestro variable list. Im sure i missing something

thx a lot


%TriggerValue% is a token, not a variable (don't worry, you're far from the first to get them mixed up). You can easily insert it like this:

or with Insert Token by Name (mapped to T by default):

thx @gglick very helpful!

best regards and many thanks again


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