Keyboard Maestro 11 Security Preference Setting For Contacts Permission

From within Keyboard Maestro Security Preference Setting For Contacts Permission, I see that they are disabled.

Clicking the open System Settings button takes me to the Settings App's Contacts settings as expected; however, Keyboard Maestro is not listed and so can not be enabled.

A shutdown/restart did not change this.

What am I missing?

Also, on the topic of Keyboard Maestro's Security Preferences, the next permission down is the Web Browser Automation and Control setting, and while they are set in the Settings app and Safari app to have the respective permissions, there is no Green checkbox and "Enabled for..." indication as there is for all the other Security permissions. This leaves it unclear at a glance if these permissions are granted. Does it make sense to add an indication here, or is there no good way to do that?

Try doing something that requires Contacts permission? Use the AddressBook token.

What version of macOS are you using?

Web browser permissions are complex and multifaceted, and apply to multiple different browsers, so there is not a single “enabled” flag to display. The facility does its best to run you through the process of ensuring the permissions on a desired web browser are working.

macOS 14.0

Yes, the permission request came up with the first use of an AddressBook token, then Keyboard Maestro showed up in the Contacts section of the Setting app. It then required turning off the permission in Settings and answering the subsequent dialogs and quitting and restrarting Keyboard Maestro a couple of times before the green checkbox and "Enabled for..." appeared. It seems you have to do a bit of work to earn that badge :wink:.

Thank you always for the incredible work Keyboard Maestro is and for all the value you bring to me and so many.

I'll look in to it. Although honestly it would not surprise me if the system was just outright lying about the state of the permission.