Keyboard Maestro 11

...Sonoma just came out.
Can you say when Keyboard Maestro 11 will be released on our screens?...

Otherwise, could you also post screenshots of the changes in the KM11 interfaces: I would like to see an evolution in this area.


Peter's standard response to this kind of question is “sometime”, or “soon”. I’ve never seen him post screenshots of upcoming features either, but he does comment on a lot of posts to say that “X” feature is “done for the next version”.


Thanks Cdthomer.
Well, too bad!... We'll wait.

There was a „later this year“ comment some days/weeks ago.

No teasing, sneak previews, etc. is not wasting anyone’s time.


Don’t you just love the anticipation of the announcement?

Out of any developer, I trust @peternlewis the most. He doesn’t rush, he doesn’t let us rush him, he puts out useful features that you have to grow into and when he drops it, we buy it sight unseen.

So I understand the want AND the wait.

  1. if Keyboard Maestro comes out too early and isn’t ready - we complain. Hasn’t happened in my Keyboard Maestro journey.
  2. if Keyboard Maestro seems late (even though there is never a guaranteed date) - we are antsy.
  3. when Keyboard Maestro drops, we buy it, are amazed at all the new features, changes and enhancements (and bug fixes) - some of which we don’t understand, then we team up to figure it out. - We are in shock and happy.

But in the meantime, if we are honest, we haven’t taken advantage of all of the features in Keyboard Maestro 8 or less. Well, I haven’t. :grinning:

Peter will say “When it’s ready”. That’s it.

In which, Peter means:



Keyboard Maestro is the most important software tool to me since Multifinder came out in 1986, so I'll ask the question: will there ever be a move to Keyboard Maestro to become a subscription service? While I am generally not a fan of this business model, I understand how important it is and would gladly sign up if this were adopted.

Just throwing that out there.


In fact, my question came from the moment I am experiencing today, with:
• Being asked to install the beta versions of KM11,
• The recent release of macOS Sonoma,
• A fear with the release of ForkLift 4 which is moving to an economic model which is becoming more widespread, that of subscription (and which therefore absolutely does not take into account historical users of which I am a part),
• The pleasure I had in, very modestly, participating in the development of Default Folder X in its latest version 6, a very captivating process,
• And finally, simple curiosity for a magnificent piece of software (KM) that I love and use every moment of the day on my Mac, but for which I would have some reservations about the small-step evolution of its interfaces.

There you go, nothing really revolutionary and no unbearable impatience!... The solidity of KM is one of its many strengths and it must take its time!...

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