Keyboard Maestro 7.1

Compatibility Notes:

  • Folder Trigger now sets TriggerValue to the full path. Adjust macros to account for this.
  • Search Variable/Clipboard actions now fail if the match fails. Adjust actions to disable aborting/notification when the match fails if desired.

Version 7.1 enhances the Custom HTML Prompt further allowing customised user interfaces to be built, as well as the ability to import macros disabled or quit the Keyboard Maestro Engine on launch of the editor (both if all modifiers are held down).

Version 7.1 detects and reports if Safari has been hobbled by disallowing JavaScript from Apple Events if any Safari actions fail because of this restriction, and also reports the likely process responsible for holding the system in Secure Input Mode.

Version 7.1 also improves security using HTTPS and further verifying code signing of updates.

Plus numerous other changes and fixes.

Changes in 7.1:

  • New Execute a JavaScript in Custom Prompt action.
  • Added timeout to Custom HTML Prompt.
  • Added window.KeyboardMaestro.Trigger( macro, value ) to Custom Prompt.
  • Clear HTML Result Button variable when Custom HTML Prompt starts.
  • Custom HTML Prompt can autofocus on textareas.
  • Custom HTML Prompt added call to KMDidShowWindow().
  • Added Paste Above.
  • Use custom icon for Macro Group Icon Palettes.
  • Detect and report Secure Input Mode process.
  • Detect and report idiotic “Allow JavaScript from Apple Events”.
  • Added support for configurable Safari and Chrome applications.
  • Added an option to Set Variable to Text to disable backslash or text token processing.
  • Added AppleScript setvariable/getvariable commands, primarily for JXA.
  • Allow action timeouts of hundredths of a second.
  • Editor now quits the Engine on launch if all modifiers are held down.
  • Imported macros are now disabled if all modifers are held down.
  • Search Variable/Clipboard actions now fail if the match fails.
  • Save revisions even if Keyboard Maestro editor was open over night.
  • Adjusted non-recursive For Each Path in Folder to read the entire folder at the start.
  • Adjusted short trigger display for arrows and Page Up/Down.
  • Adjusted Pixel condition a little.
  • Allow Share to Forum of macros with , or ; in their name.
  • Allow %Variable%[SPACE]Variable Name[SPACE]%.
  • Allow Max Concealed Position of 1.
  • Allow text tokens in the Press Button action.
  • Performance improvements in some editing cases.
  • Remove white popup menu hover bug in El Capitan by default.
  • Fixed display of Move Mouse, Found Image title text field.
  • Fixed variable popup in Write/Append text to file editor.
  • Fixed Variable selector popup not working in Find Image action.
  • Verify code signing of version control update file.
  • Use HTTPS for all wiki linked help.
  • Use HTTPS for all version control, feedback, crash reporting, etc.
  • Use HTTPS for all documentation and web site links.
  • Make Click Link operate asynchronously.
  • Avoid excessive slowdown while typing in Set Variable to Browser Field action editor.
  • Fixed a crashing issue with finding images on screen.
  • Fixed a crashing issue with undo.
  • Fixed restoring selection issue with undo.
  • Fixed a potential bug that can corrupt variable types in the Custom HTML Prompt action.
  • Fixed handling of Escape in Share to Forum sheet.