Keyboard Maestro 8.0.2

Changes in 8.0.2

  • Ensure changes are saved after selecting variable/function/tokens by name. (forum)
  • Fixed the spelling of “Systen” in Write System Clipboard to File. (forum)
  • Set Clipboard to clipboard filters in the Clipboard Switcher were pasting. (forum)
  • Corrected the Tool Tip of the Action and Trigger warnings. (forum)
  • Avoid a crashing bug when renaming macros. (forum)
  • Forcibly remove any invalid variables from variable database. (forum)
  • Adjusted Play a Specific Tracklist to play more than the first track. (forum)
  • Fixed deactivating macro groups that are configured Always Activated. (forum)
  • Fixed issues with hot key errors.
  • Adjusted Local and Instance variables to not require the space (eg “LocalVar”).
  • Remove line endings from macro names.
  • Limit export file names to 200 characters.
  • Added more search keywords for Get File Action.
  • Reduced some debugging messages with Plug In Actions.
  • Removed some warnings related to unknown menus.
  • Reduced debugging related to invalid regular expressions.