Keyboard Maestro 8.0.3 “Shortkeys” Macro

i wrote this macro for quick access websites and documents where I use often. The items are stored in a TXT-file placed where you want. I placed the file in DropBox so I can access my shortkeys from everywhere. I think it's very usefull for many people.

Example TXT-file (delimiter is , (comma))
My Homepage,
My preferred document,~/Documents/mydocument.txt
A document everywehre in the network,/projects/project1/description.odt


Hello Manny, could you please describe what the macro does?

Thanks & cheers --Mike

Hi Michiel,
during the day I open a lot of documents and websites and a couple of dozen documents and links returns a plenty of times. With my macro you can create a list of this documents and links for quick access. With the new menulist function introduced in KM 8.x was very simple!