Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4 “If Then Else” Action - A menu item with path

I am not sure what I am doing wrong here but I can't seem to get Keyboard Maestro to recognize a path in iTunes 12.7. It always says false regardless of what I am selecting. I thought it was > right carrot I was suppose to use for path I have tried colon with no success. I could find where that was in the help. Perhaps one or two examples of a path could be added here

It would be even cooler if you could select the menu item from the "If Then Else" action like you can with the "Select Or Show A Menu Item" action.

Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4 “If Then Else” Action

If Then Else.kmactions (2.4 KB)

Hi @skillet,

This recent topic has both an example of a working path in an If Then Else action and numerous methods of toggling shuffle in iTunes: iTunes Shuffle

Thanks, I looked at the spelling a zillion times and was baffled when Chris Stone's macro looked identical to what I came up with except it was missing an "s" at the end of controls. Yet another reason it would be very helpful to be able to select from the menu to save users from themselves.

Hopefully the help can also add the path examples.

If Then Else.kmactions (2.4 KB)

Hey @skillet,

You can. Look at the “Menu” on the right of the select-menu action — just above the “Menu Title” field.


Thanks Chris, sorry I was actually referring to the "At this path" and just referencing the Select Menu action feature. Perhaps you can do it with the If Action but I am still missing it.

Hey @skillet,


Just drag and drop a file into that field, and you're good to go.

Although I have macros that copy paths from the Finder as HFS, Posix, or Home-Posix, so I never need to resort to drag and drop.

You know the Finder supports “Copy as Pathname” now — yes? (Hold the Option-key down with the “Edit” menu open.)


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“At this path” is referring to the file system, not to a menu selection.

No, there is no way in the “A menu item” condition to select the menu via a popup like the Select Menu Item action.

Thanks for that reminder, I think I learned that a couple years ago and then a year ago I remember finding that again and thinking that's cool no need for the macro. I still have been using the macro since I have been using that for so long back to QuicKeys (haven't typed QuicKeys for quite a while, my old friend).

Thanks Peter, I was hoping I was missing something. Stuck on another one with the same issue, I am sure I am just missing something simple again.

Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4 “Excel - Toggle Freeze Panes” Macro

Excel - Toggle Freeze Panes.kmmacros (23 KB)

I was able to get this to work just by not including "Window > ":

Toggle Freeze Panes.kmmacros (4.2 KB)

Thank you, helped me learn how to get path conditions working.

That's funny I just finished that a few minutes ago and then saw this. I did something slightly different but still works. My issue was the gaps in the path name, I wish we could select them from the action like you can menu items but you have to leave something for an update.
Thanks for posting.

Keyboard Maestro 8.1.1 “Excel - Toggle Freeze Panes” Macro

Excel - Toggle Freeze Panes.kmmacros (23 KB)