Keyboard Maestro 8.1 “Trigger Macro by Name” Macro error

The simple macro below does not work on my system after upgrading to KM 8.1.
No macro I try to trigger runs.

If I run the macros via the Status Menu or a hotkey trigger, then they work, so I suspect something is wrong with the Trigger by Name-action.

I am running High Sierra (10.13.3) and have rebooted after upgrading to KM 8.1.

Keyboard Maestro 8.1 “Trigger Macro by Name” Macro

Trigger Macro by Name.kmmacros (1.6 KB)

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Same problem here, I downgraded to 8.0.5 and everything’s back to normal.

Yep, sorry about that, my improvements for the Prompt With List action, scuttled the Trigger Macro by Name action. I will get it fixed ASAP.


Resolved in 8.1.1 (just released)


When I try to execute the "Trigger Macro by Name" macro the window is showing up and shutting down very quickly. Latest KM (8.2.4).

Do you have a timed trigger operating at high frequency? A macro being triggered for some other reason will close the Trigger Macro by Name window.

No, but I've realized that it was in the "Global Macro Group". Moving it to another group did work. Why is that so?

No idea. Perhaps it was something transient? Did anything else change? And USB devices plugged in that are no longer plugged in? Any other macros that might have been running?

Not that I know of. Could you please explain, what the "Global Macro Group" is for? Thanks!

The only thing special about the Global Macro Group is that you cannot change its settings and you cannot delete it. It is a place for macros to be created if there is no selection and that will always be active.

Other than that it is just a macro group that is always active.

Thanks for clarifying that!