Keyboard Maestro 8.2.1 “Edit Text Macros”

Keyboard Maestro 8.2.1 “Edit Text Macros”

This macro palette was uploaded in a disabled state!

[Download Disabled by Moderator. See post below]

<a class="attachment" href="/uploads/default/original/3X/f/d/fd765a2c7ba42b412698c2f16d0ad908068ef8db.kmmacros">Edit Text Macros.kmmacros</a> (867 KB)


I tested several of your macros in BBEdit.

Sorry, but I had to disable your download until you can revise. As tested it, it has a number of macros, which all use the same pattern, which don't work:

Results of Test in BBEdit


Your Macro


This just results in the text (%NamedClipboard%tmpClip%) being pasted into the document.

They also make unnecessary use of a Named Clipboard "SAVE", which the user might already have created for other purposes.

You might try something like this:


Also, your Macro Group is not setup as a palette. I'm not sure what your intentions were, but other users might expect it to be based on your post.


I’m not sure what happened, that isn’t how the macro steps should look. The %NamedClipboard% has been changed to “SAVE” instead of its original value of “tmpClip”. Under the circumstances, please delete the post and I’ll redo it. If you like, I’ll upload them directly to you first so you can test it.

The image below is of the original, most of the macros contain these steps with only the characters to add being different. I wonder how it got changed? Have you seen this with other posts? “tmpClip” is the name of my goto named clipboard across all of the macros on my system.

“tmpClip” is the name of my goto named clipboard across all of the macros on my systems.

There may be a bug in the KM macro import tool.
When I look at the XML for the macros you posted, it does use the tmpClip Named Clipboard:

                <string>tmpClip</string>   // <==== LOOK HERE

Prior to importing your macros, I did NOT have a tmpClip Named Clipboard, but I did have one named SAVE. So, somehow, the import process changed all of the tmpClip into SAVE.

I have now just deleted:

  • Your macro group and all macros
  • My SAVE clipboard
  • Created, then deleted tmpClip

Now when I import your macros, they retain the tmpClip clipboard.


@peternlewis, do we have a bug here?

@Av8tntek, IAC, I do recommend that you use the method I posted above, which does not require a Named Clipboard:

The UID is definitive, the RedundandDisplayName is exactly that.

So I would guess that you both had a clipboard with the same UID, but with different named. I don't know how that would happen unless you shared a macro previous (both imported the same macro, whatever) and one of you renamed the Named Clipboard.

Renaming a Named Clipboard keeps its connections to all the places it is referenced in macros except any places you refer to it by name, as is done with the NamedClipboard token.

OK, seems like a rare event, but it happened.
Just one more reason, IMO, to avoid use of Named Clipboards, especially in distributed macros.

To be clear, there is no advantage to using a Named Clipboard UNLESS you have objects or rich text you need to store.