Keyboard Maestro 8.2

Changes in 8.2

  • Added a new Applications Palette which displays running applications.
  • Added Apply Modifiers to a Specific Application action (mimics the behaviour of the Applications Palette).
  • Added a Dragged File trigger to support dragging files to macros in macro palettes.
  • Added a Macro Library entry for an Application Palette group (a set of fixed applications displayed as a palette).
  • Warn about translocated applications when setting them in the Application popup menus.
  • Fixed an issue with Prompt With List (and other By Name windows) (forum).
  • Fixed i‗displayWhat != NamedClipboardPopupMenuControllerDisplay::kUnknown assertion.
  • Fixed i‗displayAttributedString assertion.
  • Fixed issue with Set File Attribute field kind mark and token insert. (forum).
  • Fixed an issue with AppleScript creation of actions.