Keyboard Maestro 9.0.5

Changed in 9.0.5

  • Fixed the USB Device Key trigger display for regular devices.
  • Resolved a crash related to spotlight indexing.
  • Ensure calculations like Variable DIV Variable are parsed correctly.
  • Added “regular expression” as a synonym for the Search and Search & Replace actions.
  • Added some debugging code to clarify mIsTriggerRepeating assertions.
  • Added some debugging code and avoid crash for SearchVariableCaptureController.
  • Fixed an issue where Named Clipboards could not be renamed unless they contained displayable contents. (forum)
  • Improved the error modes for the Set Variables to JSON action (forum)
  • Adjusted the Interactive Help to discuss Mojave/Catalina accessibility permission bugs. (forum)
  • Fixed Undo name of Disable/Enable Macro Group.
  • Fixed Menu name for Enable N Macro Groups.
  • Added AlwaysRecordAbsoluteClicks private preference.